Dick Trevor aka Dickster (UK)

Dick Trevor aka Dickster is responsible for the Green Nuns of the Revolution, Circuit Breakers,Infernal Machine, Bumbling Loons, AMD & countless other projects in his 19 years in the trance world.

He developed his incredibly fat production by being at the cutting edge from the early nineties with his first trance hits with the legendary Green Nuns of the Revolution who dominated the fullon scene in the mid nineties. He has since been constantly productive with projects like the Green Oms album at the turn of the millennium and more recently Jumanji (with Eskimo) and his own solo project Dickster as well as countless classic collaborations with the likes of Simon Posford, Tristan, Lucas and house remixes with the likes of Danny Howells.

His energy, enthusiasm and production are up there with anyone and his psychedelic ear is untainted by the changes in the genre. hes an avid techno progressive enthusiast and is available for Dj sets in these genres too.
Hes had hundreds of releases on many labels like T.I.P. Records, Flying Rhino, Dragonfly, Twisted Records, Nano Records, Bedrock and others.   





                           Parasense Alex (Russia)

Alex is russian musician, producer and sound engeneer. Parasense is one of the main projects laid the foundation of night sound in Psychedelic Trance scene.
The original concept was developed by Alex over 20 years ago back in 1995 and has gone to influence the sound of many of the leading night time projects of the present.
Since 1998 Parasense has performed regularly at most of the biggest psychdelic trance events around the globe.
Many of Alex tracks are known for various styles from Latin American Folklore to underground radical Trash and Grindcore.. Alex is directly involved in the creation of the new Goatika's EP, as well as creating a new album.



                        Kliment Dichev (Bulgaria)

Composer, arranger, great musician and one of the most interesting trance makers. Kliment is the co-author of TRANCE LEVITATION program.



                               Tristan Cooke (UK)

UK based, Tristan often hailed as one of the greatest trance DJ's of all time, he was the main DJ at Twisted Records for 10 years and is now the head of the Nano Records troop.!

Tristan helped, supervised and supported the creation of two Goatika Creative Lab tracks - Main Room Remix (dancing program) and Lilliput (chill out).



                            Laughing Buddha (UK)

Laughing Buddha is UK Producer and DJ Jeremy van Kampen. Jez is currently one of the UKs top producers and, after having released tracks on labels such as Dragonfly, LSD (as Drum Druids), Nano Records, Solstice and T.I.P. World, he has now joined the team at Nano Records and has just released his debut solo album, 'Sacred Technology' on the label.!/jezbuddha

Jeremy took part in creating Goatika Creative Labs' track Buddhizmo.


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                    Sergei Debizhev - director (Russia)

Sergei Debizhev - Soviet and Russian film director, screenwriter, actor.

Born in Yessentuki. Debizhev graduated from the Leningrad Art School named after V.A. Serov (specialty "Design - Art "), Higher Art and Industrial School in Leningrad, named after Mukhina (Faculty of system design). He taught composition at the College named after Serov. Became a member of numerous exhibitions of art works (design, drawing, painting). Director and writer of documentaries and feature films: Two Captains (1992), Complex Insanity (1992), Over the Dark Water (1993), The Golden Section (2010), director of many video clips and TV programs

Autumn 2010 directed new video clip DE FOLK for Goatika Creative Lab in Ibiza



         Avdotiya (Dunya) Smirnova - director (Russia)

Avdotiya (Dunya) Smirnova - screenplay writer, TV host, film director, the author of numerous articles and essays. She studied at the Philological Faculty of Moscow State University. Worked as a journalist for "Kommersant", then book reviewer in "Afisha" and "Capital" magazines. In the second half of the eighties worked in journal "Urlayt", went on art-management. As a showman participated in concerts of independent Moscow rock groups (including "Tupie"). Participated in performances of "New Artists". Since 1992 she was a screenplays writer of documentaries and feature films, like: The Last Hero (1992), Mania Giselle (1995), 8 1 / 2 $ (1999), Luster (2007), Two Days (2011). In 2006, Smirnova began her film director's work. Then together with Tatiana Tolstaya Dunya Smirnova leads the program "School for Scandal" on Russian channel NTV. In 2004, they both co-wrote the book "Kitchen of School for Scandal ". C 2008 became a jury member in the show "STS Lights Superstar" on the Russian TV channel STS

In April 2010 directed new video clip OPERA for Goatika Creative Lab



 Pascale Caristo (France)

 Singer. Vocalist of new dancing, electro-tribal Goatika's progect - AIR GOATIKA



 Victor Netesov (Russia)

 Trumpeter, member of new dancing, electro-tribal Goatika's progect - AIR GOATIKA



 Ott (England - Spain)

 Musician, producer, sound engineer. Collaborated with Sinead OConnor, The Orb, and Brian Eno, On-U-Sound and many others. Worked in a wide range of the best studios, SARM Eastern and Western, Real World, and Ridge Farm to Foel in Wales. Ott released several albums: "Hallucinogen in Dub", "Blumenkraft", "Skylon", "This One's for You". Ott made mix and additional sound design of the "Levitation" - new album by Goatika Creative Lab, which official release will take place on Arabesque Distribution on December the 4th 2009.



 Elvis Savio Lobo (Goa)

Guitarist, participant of Goatika Creative Lab. Elvis is the native of Goa, which is a pearl of the Indian coast where the existence of the project Goatika Creative Lab has begun. He was the participant of many musical projects, the last among which is "Essence".






 Steven Coppens (Holland)

The drummer. His performance is impregnated by spirit of freedom. Steven is the inhabitant of a nice city of Amsterdam and the constant resident of Goa.






 Roei Fridman (Israel)

"Magic Fingers", percussionist, the master of play on darbuka. Roei is the follower of sufi-music, and also the magnificent jeweler. He participated in many concerts, and took part in a recording of the album "Musical Fish" by Goatika Creative Lab.






Master Margherita       (Switzerland)

MASTER MARGHERITA is an accomplished musician and producer based in Switzerland, a founding member of the band The Peaking Goddess Collective, and one of the managers of Peak Records. Master Margherita       has been active in the European music scene since the late eighties, playing bass guitar in various bands. In 1994, he started composing tracks mixing live instruments with an array of electronic devices. He produced music for theater plays, documentaries, fiction movies and multimedia performances. Master Margherita       has performed in major trance parties and festivals around the globe including Boom, Glade, Antaris and Soulclipse. He has also released a number of collaborative works with artists such as Mauxuam, Cell, Morphonix, Ajja, Electrypnose, Flooting Grooves, Kali Frogz, Samuel Hall Band and Palyrria. Master Margherita took part in Goatika Creative Lab's studio work and performed in Goatika Artsound and Master Margherita concert on December the 19th 2008 in DKT SALUT (Moscow).





Kai Eckhardt

Was declared one of the planet's best bass players of our time and his musical career has successfully spanned over two decades. He teaches music in schools and conservatories. He worked as a session musician with Bobby McFerrin, Aziza Mustafa-Zade, has gone on tour with Billy Cobham, Stanley Clarke, Wayne Shorter, Patrice Rushen, Dewey Redman and Donald Byrd; but is mostly famous for his work with the John Mc Laughlin Trio and the Garaj Mahal band. The Lab has invited Kai Eckhardt to Russia to participate in New Common Program at the end of May 2008 together with the Lab's musicians.

Tony Levin (USA)

Virtuoso and innovator of the bass guitar, the creator of the unique Chapman Stick; the musician that is so essential to the works of Peter Gabriel and King Crimson. Here are some of the people Tony has had the privilege of working with in studio and on the stage: John Lennon, Pink Floyd, Paul Simon, Yes, Alice Cooper, Lou Reed, Laurie Anderson, Dire Straits, David Bowie, and Steve Hackett. Levin, along with other great musicians, has played in the following projects: Liquid Tension Experiment, Bozzio Levin Stevens, Spin 1ne 2wo, Bruford Levin Upper Extremities, and California Guitar Trio. Tony visited the Lab in December 2007 for the Levitation performance.

George Brooks (USA)

World-renowned saxophonist whose original work captures the richness of modern jazz and the fiery beats of Northern India, thus creating unique musical compositions that promote new emotions. He has collaborated with such great musicians as Terry Riley, Krishna Bhatt, Zakir Hussain, Hari Prasad Chaurasia, Sultan Khan, Anthony Braxton, Albert Collins, Turtle Island String Quartet, Larry Coryell, and John McLaughlin; his five released albums - Summit (Limited Edition), Night Spinner, Lasting Impression, Drum Nation Vol. 1, and Music without Boundaries became a landmark in the world music culture. He has been playing with the Lab since its first concert Bean Me Up in Anjuna, Goa in February 2005, and participating in virtually all of Goatikas music experiments: Live at Bean Me Up (February 2005, Goa), Live Beat (February 2007, Goa), LABOTOMIA (November 2007, Moscow). He has influenced the Labs art

Pete Lockett (UK)

One of the most virtuoso percussionists in the world. The vast list of musicians he has worked with truly speaks for itself and demonstrates how multidimensional his talent is: Bjork, Peter Gabriel, Robert Plant, Bill Bruford, Jeff Beck, David Torn, Vikku Vinayakram, Selva Ganesh, Ustad Zakir Hussain, Texas, U Shrinivas, Afro Celt Sound System, Vanessa Mae, David Arnold, Rory Gallagher, Pet Shop Boys, Mel C, BBC concert orchestra, and many others. He has released several albums, plays tens of percussion instruments, concurs all genres, teaches at musical academies and records movie soundtracks (Casino Royale, Die Another Day, Tomorrow Never Dies, The world is Not Enough, City of Angels, The Insider, and Moulin Rouge). He first visited the Lab in November 2007 when he participated in the LABOTOMIA performance at the Forte club in Moscow.

Artem Yakushenko

A participant of the Belyi Ostrog duo, composer and performer that plays his pieces on the electric violin, guitar and mandolin. His solo performances are so elaborate that one cannot remain indifferent to what's happening on the stage when he makes the violin sound like a balalaika, rock guitar, marimba, or a whole string concert, not to mention the traditional violin vibration. He has collaborated with Michael Brecker, Richard Bona, Mino Cinelu and has participated in prestigious international festivals. Since February 2007, he has worked with the Lab on several studio and concert projects such as Musical Fish, Live Beat, the soundtrack to George Pusenkov's installation, the LABOTOMIA program with George Brooks and Pete Lockett, as well as the LEVITATION project with Tony Levin.

Boris Nazarov

Famous Moscow musician that has played in the acid-jazz band UKV, and later founded the Moscow Grooves Institute with the famous musician Arkady Marto. He participated in many festivals with this project, including Kazantip, and has made several music videos which were put in rotation on MTV. With Mumyi Troll, he recorded a previously unreleased version of Victor Tsoi's song Malysh, which was the number one hit on the Maximum radio for several months. Boris' more recent projects include creative collaboration with Mikhail Efremov. The famous actor is directing a play based on Andrey Platonov's Sharmanka (Music Box) at the Sovremennik theater, and Boris is composing music for the play. He was also part of the LEVITATION project with Tony (rhythm programmer, orchestration), and later participated in editing the recorded material.

Andrzej 'Izi' Izdebski (Poland)

Polish musician and composer Andrzej 'Izi' Izdebski has been creating alternative and avant-garde music for 12 years, experimenting with micro keys and resonant capabilities of the guitar. Andrzej created two kinds of guitars that he usually plays: fretless and fretless-baritone. A music studies major, he studies the ethnic roots of music. In his Warsaw studio he focuses on new dynamics in the areas of recording and editing. He has worked together with many famous musicians such as Sergey Letov, Trey Gunn, and Pat Mastelotto. In 2006 The Lab invited him to work in the studio with them.

Vladimyr Chekasin

Famous jazz musician and composer, author of 60 albums; has performed in many prestigious festivals and different countries. He composes soundtracks (the award winning Taxi Blues, by movie director P.Lungin) and theatrical performances. He teaches in colleges and vocational schools and recorded the Check Us In track for the Goatika project in Aprelevka.

Sergey Klevensky

One of the best known ethnic wind instrument specialists is a virtuoso clarinet player (his major at the Moscow State conservatory). He is known for often combining Celtic, Slavic, Scandinavian, Balkan, and Asian wind instruments, sometimes using one of the instruments for a very brief single musical part. He has collaborated with many famous musicians: Zuli Kamalova, Arkady Shilkloper, and with the bands Maler and me, Alliance, and Mjuljaritt. Sergey is also known to the public through the famous Ivan Smirnov band. The major projects in which Klevensky is one of the bigger players are the Art Ceili band specializing in Celtic themes, and various collaborations with Sergey Starostin. In 2006 Klevensky released a long-awaited solo album Krov s Molokom (Blood with Milk), with the participation of King Crimson alumnus Trey Gunn. Klevensky was also part of the LEVITATION program with Tony Levin in December 2007 in Moscow.


Victor Sologub

Rock-musician and composer that created the soundtracks to Konchalovsky's Antikiller-2, Antiterror and Konservy (Cans), leader of the legendary ska-band Strannye Igry (Strange Games) and founder of the cult electronic project Deadushki. Contributed voice effects to two tracks of the "Musical Fish" album.

Joseph 'Jovis' Bubrowski (USA)

The most prominent representative of the Goan music community, terrific didgeridoo master, one of Goatika's founders, the musician that participated in almost all of the band's live performances and studio work in Goa. In 2007 he visited Moscow to participate in the LEVITATION program with Tony Levin.

Paco Rodriguez (France)

Composer, professional musician, ex-guitarist of a popular French band Gamine, he left show business and went to study sitar playing techniques in India for several years. Each one of his performances is a musical feast with elements of rock, psychedelia, ethnic tunes, and of course Indian musical traditions. He is the founder of the Kundalini Airport project. Pavel Mikhailuk performed with Kundalini Airport in the 2006 season and played the jew's harp. That same year the Lab arranged for a recording of a Kundalini Airport concert in Arpora and of a music video, and directed a studio recording of another Paco project Soundless Sound with the Planetary Gong. The Lab's musicians also participated in the recording of the K.A.'s Cosmic Mission album at Goatika's studio in Anjuna. Two of Paco Rodriguez' tracks were featured in Goatika's Musical Fish album.

Laurent Pelissier (France)

Born Iranian and a permanent Goa resident, drawing his inspiration from the African djembe players. Founder of the Yankadi project which encompasses musicians from all over the world. Yankadi's music is based on strong African beats transformed through the prism of musical traditions of the band members' native countries. Several Yankadi songs were recorded at the Goatika studio in Anjuna; it was the first multi-channel track-by-track recording the Lab directed in this Indian village.

Evgenia Tedjetova

Singer and composer. She gained popularity after her band (Avocado) participated in the jazz festival in Arkhangelsk. She performed in many Moscow clubs, sometimes as the backup singer. Currently, she has established her own band performing retro-Latino songs in Russian with a touch of French Chanson. Recently she composed and sang some vocals for a cartoon called Elka. She participated in the LEVITATION program with Tony Levin, and contributed her vocals to several tracks of the Musical Fish album.

Arkady Marto

Famous musician and composer, one of electronic music veterans in Russia. Has worked with bands like Teplo Zemli (E. Artemjev), Megapolis, MoscowGroovesInstitute, a joint project of Olga Rozshdestvenskaya and MGI, 2Avicados, Detski Panadol, El Cosmo Group, and Safety Magic. Currently she plays with the band called 4'33" managed by Alexei Aigui. She also has a solo Eject Project, participated in recording the soundtrack for Georgy Puzenkov's installation and performed live at the LABOTOMIA concert with George Brooks and Peter Lockett on November 4, 2007, at the Forte club.

Vladimir Kachanovski

Editor, sound-producer, musician, composer, has worked at various recording studios, created dozens of arrangements for Russian singers, composed music for TV series and for an experimental project titled Compressor which released the Martian Chronicles album, a narrative of people conquering Mars. He also recorded an ambient album titled Lunnye Ptizi. He fully joined the Labs creative team when he collaborated on the Musical Fish album in 2006, and joined the touring part of the Lab in 2007 when they went to India to record and later edit the album titled Live Beat.

Gennady Lavrentiev

Graduated from music academy as a violin major, and has been playing the electric guitar since he was 14. He studied tabla at the Gandharva Mahavidyalaya in Delhi, India. He is the founder and co-composer of the following projects: Labotomic express, Lavrenchukki,, The Anna Gofman's Band, Capitan Dubrovshnev (India), Da-saz (India), Mystique (India); he also participated in the Mila Kikina's project Kalitku Prikroi, in the band of Alexander Kostarev, Zuli Kamalova (Tatarstan-Australia), Malerii, Loam (Ingushetia), and Audiopervert (India). He also contributed flute and tabla parts to the "Musical Fish" tracks.

Sergey Kalachev "Grebstel"

Bass-player, multi-instrumentalist, composer, and sound-producer. His unconventional approach to playing bass, the usage of various different music processors, and bold innovative solutions make his music always recognizable and at the same time unexpected. You can say Kalachev created his own style of playing bass. He played in the Utesov orchestra, and in bands like Vstrecha na Elbe, Alliance, and Pelagea; he worked with musicians like Inna Zhelannaya and Sergey Starostin. He also collaborated with world-renowned musicians - Trey Gunn and Pat Mastelotto (King Crimson), Mari Boine, Arkady Shilkloper (a famous jazz musician playing the French horn, Russia-Germany), and the Huun-Huur-Tu (Tuva). He played the bass parts of the Musical Fish tracks, and participated in composing the soundtrack to George Puzenkov's video-installation. He performed at the LABOTOMIA concert with George Brooks and Pete Lockett on November 4, 2007, at the Forte club.


Andrea Presa (Italy)

Didgeridoo master, famous for combining world music and tarantella - the traditional music of Southern Italy. The founder of the Transalento project, Andrea, and the other band members, Beppe Branca and William Simone participated in the Goa performances and recording of the album Live Beat in September 2007.

Gregory 'GREG' Ruze (France)

One of project contributors to Highlight Tribe, the natural trance renowned founders that tour frequently all around the world. This is a band that breaks all the rules and creates a true acoustic trance while playing live. Highlight Tribe's music is a mix of many cultures √ African, Indian, dub, world music, and psychedelic-trance. In February 2007 Greg performed at the Lab's concert in Goa, and his percussions for the track titled Tala are on the "Live Beat" CD.

Yury Matveev

Guitarist. Composer. The duo's Belyi Ostrog contributor. He writes soundtracks to movies and theatric performances, has collaborated with Michael Brecker, Richard Bona, and Mino Cinelu, and takes part in prestigious international festivals. He went on tour to India with the Lab in February 2007 for the recording of "Live Beat".

Artemy Vorobiev

Multi-instrumentalist that specializes in traditional wind instruments of different cultures: the Scottish hornpipe, Galician pipe, Bulgarian bagpipe, Czech musette, Kurski horn, Tver jaleika, Armenian duduk, Irish whistle, Chinese Di flute, kaluki and ocarina. He is the founder of the Moscow & District pipe band - the first professional orchestra playing Scottish music in Russia. They play traditional and battle pieces, as well as the dancing songs of Scotland. He played the wind instruments on the "Musical Fish" album.

Safety Magic

The band's style could be classified as world music. The energy of rock music, the sensuality of jazz, and the sanctity of ethnic music are so wonderfully interwoven into Safety Magic music that the Australian didgjeridoo, the Cuban tres, and the Gypsy violin speak the same language. The musicians in the band are soul brothers, and are always welcome at the Lab, where they have spent many an hour. In the year 2006 Pavel Mikhailuk participated in SM's live performance at the Ethnolife festival, and in 2007 the Lab assisted SM in creating their anniversary album Voices.

Pavel Novikov

He composes and plays the music that blends traditions from both East and West. He has studied for three years in the tabla program at the cultural branch of the Indian Embassy in Moscow. He also graduated from a two-year program with a tabla major at the music academy Shri Ram Bharatya Kalakendra in Delhi where he also studied traditional Indian vocals and played the bansuri. He has performed in large concert halls in Delhi such as Kamani Auditorium and Fikhi Auditorium, and has participated in the nationally known Indian spiritual event - Arati in the Parmarath Niketan in Rishikesh. He also performed at the international yoga festival in Rishikesh, and did some studio recording with the Lab in the summer of 2007.


Russian musician that uses the stage name of Djagannat, he has studied how to play the tabla for three years at the Indian Embassy in Moscow. Djagannat's talent was so unique that he became known as a musical prodigy. His level of playing tabla allowed him to become a student of a leading Delhi tablist Ustad Rafi-ud-din Sabri. He performed at the leading concert halls in Delhi and today is one of the leading tablists in Russia with concerts at home and abroad. Besides the tabla, Djagannat has also mastered gatam, kandguru, mridang, pakhavach, dolak, and nal - all of which are South-Indian percussion instruments. He has participated in the Lab's studio work, and performed at the LEVITATION program with Tony Levin.

Ori Barak (Israel)

Maestro of percussion, with a very broad range of musical style. Has participated in numerous projects, and did the percussions for the Tripnotic track of "Musical Fish".

Inna Zhelannaya

The best singer ever. God blesses her. The album Musical Fish was recorded with her participation.


Vladimir Gubatov

Sound engineer working at concert venues. He has worked with an incredible number of bands and singers, namely: Alexey Kozlov and his band "Arsenal", Sevara Nazarhan, "Huun Huur Tu", "The Bohemians", "Some Velvet Morning", "Safety Magic", "MoscowGroovesInstitute", "Balls of Fire", and "Farlanders". He also works at clubs such as "Gazgolder" and "Forte", and does sound for movie productions - "Tvoi Gorod" (Your City) by Alexander Rastorguev, "The Boys" by Valeria Gai Germanica, "Priehal" (He has arrived) by Valeria Gai Germanica and Boris Hlebnikov, and the TV series "Zvezdochet" (Stargazer); he has been working with Vladimir Presniakov since 2007. Gubatov was the LABOTOMIA program's sound engineer at the Moscow "Forte" club on November 14, 2007.

Vladimir Lutoshkin

Several years ago played the guitar in an instrumental band called "Gorizont" (Horizon), and recorded the guitar and flute parts on the band's record ("Letny Gorod" - Summer City - 1985 and "Portret Malchika" - Portrait of a Boy - 1988). He worked as a sound engineer at several international jazz festivals and taught the basics of sound engineering at a music academy. He also wrote his own music (his solo album "Schi iz Topora" - Soup made out of nothing) and worked as a sound engineer at an "NNSP" studio in Nizhny Novgorod and for the band called "Jazzaero". He recorded and edited the soundtrack for the George Pusenkov video-installation, and worked on the concert sound recording of the LABOTOMIA program that took place on November 4, 2007, in Forte, Moscow.

Nikolay Oorshak

Medicine man, whose abilities have been passed down to him through generations, the "hoomei" guttural singing master, and the author of the "Un-Hun" system (Sound of the Sun). In 1989 Nikolai won a kargyraa style award at the First International Hoomei-89 Symposium; in 1995 he was invited to India with some government officials to an International Congress honoring His Highness Dalai Lama XIV on his 60th birthday. Upon receiving the blessing of His Highness, he grew even stronger at guttural singing combining it with shamanism. In November 2000, Nikolai participated in a Moscow festival titled "Deep Throat or Dangerous Vocal Cords". Then, in the beginning 2002, he was invited by the International Organization of Guttural Singing to a three-month tour around the U.S. and Canada. In the year 2006 Nikolai Oorzshak presented the fruit of his many years of labor - "Un-Hun", Sound of the Sun, a spiritual and fitness system for constant development and finding health and long life. Nikolai did the guttural singing for the Musical Fish album in the summer of 2006.

Igor Ivanov

Famous artist and interior designer from St. Petersburg that creates works of art using pieces of metal. He also does book illustrations and album cover designs, truly one of the best industrial-style artists. Igor's canvases have been displayed numerous times at St. Petersburg art exhibitions, and received very high scores at the Montage in Russia. XX Century (The Russian Museum, fall-winter 2005) Some of the artist's images belong to The Russian Museum, St. Petersburg Galleries, and private collections in Russia and abroad.


The prototype of Goatika Creative Lab - is the first project directed by Pavel Mikhailuk featuring Maxim Sozonov and Gennady Ulianov (Nizhny Novgorod). Elefunk concerts were held in 2005-2006 in Goa featuring the best members of the Goan music community. Within the framework of the project seven music albums were recorded: Stoopy, Three Love Songs, New Old Elefunk, Live in Goa, Live at Bean Me Up, Jam in Goa, Remember Goa.


 Jeremy Frindel

Jeremy Frindel is a New York City based film director, editor and cinematographer. He has written and developed a television show that was picked up by IFC, and worked on many films which have been nominated for Oscars and had worldwide distribution. Projects
include: Metallica: Some Kind of Monster, Junebug, Bernard and Doris, Everyday People, The Baxter, The Minor Accomplishments of Jackie Woodman, Return to Afghanistan.


Pavel Mikhailuk

Conceptual Mastermind and Manager of the Goatika Creative Lab.


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